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Who is Tech Savvy Women and Founder, JJ DiGeronimo

Tech Savvy Women (TSW) celebrates and engages women pursuing their next levels of impact while delivering attraction, retention, and promotion strategies to organizations prioritizing diversity and inclusion at all levels, including senior leaders. TSW members share a wealth of knowledge and experience, with over 4000 members representing various industries and technical disciplines, including product creatorstechnical team leadsdeveloperstech marketing expertsexperienced senior saleswomenprofessional service leads, and tech entrepreneurs building businesses. These women are paving the way for young women (girls) in STEM.

Areas of Focus:

► Empowering experienced professional women to maneuver these demanding landscapes
► Educating managers on how to recruit, retain and advance diverse talent
► Coaching male allies on effective ways to sponsor talent into leadership positions
► Guiding Board of Directors on diverse recruiting strategies

To learn more: contact@TechSavvyWomen.net or call 1-800-874-7006 

Experienced Women in Tech Creating a Competitive Advantage

TSW began as a local initiative in 2008 by JJ DiGeronimo, a woman with a computer information degree and 22 years’ experience with technology ventures, such as Inktomi and VMware in Silicon Valley, after starting at Anderson Consulting in 1995.

Women in Tech

Since its inception, Tech Savvy Women has hosted hundreds of events for professional women in technology. Additionally, Tech Savvy Women facilitates recruiting and retention sessions for organizational leaders looking to interlock their diverse talent with business value. Her latest award-winning* book, Accelerate Your Impact: Action Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path is providing tools to organizations looking to retain, attract and advance their diverse talent.

*Axiom’s 2017 Business Book Winner for the Category: Women / Minority in Business

TSW members share a wealth of knowledge and experience, paving the way for young women (girls) in STEM.

Organizations seeking a competitive and sustainable workforce through thought diversity, innovation, and leadership, partner with Tech Savvy Women.

Contact us to learn more: contact@TechSavvyWomen.net or call 1-800-874-7006


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Contact us to learn more: contact@TechSavvyWomen.net or call 1-800-874-7006 

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