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Women in Tech: Today and Throughout History

One of the many joys of my career as a champion for women in tech is the fact that I get to interview so many amazing people. It is true that just one person can make a difference. On my Tech...

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Imposter Syndrome: We Are All a Work in Progress

Imposter Syndrome is a common feeling among women professionals. Have you ever felt like you didn't belong? Have you feared someone would point and say - you don't know what you are doing, how...

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Turning Your Goal Setting Process Upside Down

The importance of the goal-setting process is no mystery. Many would say that it is hard to reach your ultimate career position if you don't have a goal in mind and a strategy in which to reach...

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Mindfulness: A New Corporate Initiative

Mindfulness sounded like a practice that aligned with smell flowers and watching cloud which could be true but too far from where I was in my life of deadlines, conference calls, and datacenter...

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The Formula for a Winning Value Statement

Sharing your professional goals is often not easy for many of us!  It takes so self-reflection, goal-setting and planning to make it effective.  One way to do this is to plan ahead by creating a...

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Women Professionals: Stop Lying to Yourself, Get Mindful, and Get Out of the “Busy”

JJ DiGeronimo, Founder of Tech Savvy Women, joins Bryan and Nicolette on this episode of the Insomnicat Podcast to talk about women in tech, women professionals, and a mindset that can benefit both...

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Women in Tech – Online Resources

Knowing where to turn for information and like-minded people is important in business. There are a variety of resources for women in tech, some better known than others. 35 career-building...

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Women Working Long Hours – Good or Bad or Required?

It is no surprise that many salaried women working long hours do so with a hope for future promotions or opportunities. However, if you are working overtime with the hope someone will notice and...

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Melinda Gates Knows Women Need to Be Part of the Story

  It was just announced that Melinda Gates will "commit $1 billion to causes that seek innovative and diverse approaches to expanding women's power and influence--and she wants businesses to...

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Modern Take on Mentors and Sponsors

Mentors and sponsors play an important role in the life of a professional woman. They help encourage, promote focus and use their professional prowess to help put your name in front of new...

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