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What Attracted You to Your Current Company?

Today's pool of professional talent is coming from a generation, the Millennials, who have only known a corporate world of high unemployment, downsizing, acquisitions and a lack of loyalty. Gone are...

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Identifying the Leak in the Pipeline of Women in Technology

We know that women in leadership roles in the tech field are in small numbers but do we know where the leak in the pipeline exists? In an article from Huffington Post, the author examines three...

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An Increase in Female Leadership at Apple is More Word than Deed

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="416"] "Tech gender diversity visualized in the que for the restroom at WWDC." - @BenBajarin[/caption] If ever there was a visual that captures the lack of...

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How Do You Archive Your Women in Technology Research?

There is so much information available today. Articles come across our virtual desk on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, but how do you manage the information so that it's available to you for further...

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What it Takes to be a Top Company for Women in Technology

The Anita Borg Institute has once again examined, measured, and awarded the top companies that are desirable for women in technology. The top company is BNY Mellon, a financial investment firm in...

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How to NOT Make a Difference

We often talk about ways to bring value to a business, to inspire others and to make a difference in our environment but let’s flip the coin. How do we fail to make a difference? In a recent...

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Women in Technology Embrace Continued Learning

Why should we put our energies toward continued learning? In a recent Fortune article entitled Soft Skills and In Demand we learn this: ...the average lifespan of a tech skill now is roughly 18...

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Changing Careers Mid-Stream

Have you ever considered changing careers? When you look at your reflection, do you see a woman happy in her work? Are you just going through the motions? Are you working to provide money to live...

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Top 7 Women in Technology over 40

In a recent Business Insider article called The Coolest People in Silicon Valley over 40, 37 business leaders were recognized. As I scrolled down the list, I quickly connected with the fact that most...

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The Gender Pay Gap – Women in Tech Close the Margin

We have all heard the news; women earn less than men and in most industries that difference is significant. Equal Pay Day, recognized on April 14 each year represents the number of days into a new...

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