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How to Successfully Create a Diverse IT Team

The fact that IT is still a man's world is pretty well known; even Google, with the largest female staff, only has 30% women in their work force. So let's turn our attention East to an e-commerce...

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Intel Sets the Example for Women in Technology and Corporate Diversity

Intel has made the news again with their focus on helping women in technology expand their entrepreneurial and leadership opportunities. Intel Capital, the investment arm of the technology...

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Executive Woman in Tech, Thanh Hua, Shares Her Career Journey

Thanh Hua is the Vice President of Delivery - Technology at iSoftStone North America. She worked 15 years for Microsoft in various divisions including HRIT, MSIT, Home Advisor, Web TV, and Tablet PC....

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How To Support Women in Technology

As I was searching the web for interesting and informative articles on the subject of women in technology I was overwhelmed with the continued distressing statistics. Women are practically...

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Is Cloud Computing Opening the Door for Women in Tech?

Reporter Sandra Gittlen of CIO IN interviewed me for an article about the opportunity for women into the IT world via cloud computing. Although technology is still a male-dominated field,...

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Planning Your IT Career

Are you planning to enter the workforce with an IT career or are you considering moving to a company in which your technology skills will be beneficial?   Check out the Computer World...

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How Women Can Be Heard in a Male-Dominated Field

Do you struggle to be heard at work? What's the secret to making yourself heard in male-dominated industries? Here is What I Did I learned early on that I needed to know the technology inside...

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Girls in Tech – Real Super Heros

Jenine Beekhuyzen is an advocate for diversity in IT and has a long history of organizing and presenting at girls and computing events and visiting schools. She has volunteered in many committees...

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Woman in STEM: Aerospace Engineer, Natalie Panek, Joins Us from Canada

Natalie Panek is a robotic operator and aerospace engineer at MDA Space Missions. She helped build and drove a solar-powered car across North America, has a pilots license, skydived with Korea's...

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