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Bridging the Resume Gap Between Genders


What is the resume gap between genders? You may be surprised to learn that even if you took the gender identifying names off a pile of resume, those written by women would still be easily discernible. How? The answers can be found in a study done by Kieran Snyder and discussed in the article, The resume gap: Are different gender styles contributing to tech’s dismal diversity?

Bridging the Resume Gap Between Genders - Tech Savvy Women

This time the gender gap is of our own choosing. Typically women tend to:

  • Use more words
  • Provide more than one-page resumes
  • Summarize
  • Use collaborative words rather than action verbs
  • Provide descriptions rather than measurable numbers
In her article, Kieran compares two resumes; one male engineer and one female. I talk about this example in the recent Relevant Conversation from Tech Savvy Women.

During the podcast I share this slide:

I highlighted some of the key phrases in each example. Notice the woman writes in a paragraph form using collaborative terms like “worked on” and “partnering” while the man uses much stronger verbs like “drove”, “Oversaw” and “designed.”

Before you even have a chance to meet face to face, people are making judgments about your ability to do the job based on the terms you use in your resume. Thus, the resume gap.

Even when both candidates are equally qualified and have similar education and background, the resume gap will have hiring agents leaning toward the male candidate simply because of the way the resume has been written.

Kieran ends her article with a call to HR and hiring managers to be aware of this inherent difference between the genders; however, I would also stress that women need to be aware and perhaps make a few adjustments.

Remember that the key reason for sending a cover letter and resume is to get face time. So the key purpose of your resume is to cut through the clutter, provide the most important information and succinctly convince those sorting resumes that you deserve a closer look.

Research the differences between male and female resumes. See what techniques you can incorporate into your resume. Less is more provided that less is actionable, concrete and measurable examples of your results. Check out my podcast on this subject for more information and join us each Monday for additional business topics on Relevant Conversations.

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