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Build a Personal Brand for a Specific Opportunity


You have heard of creating unique resumes that match a specific job opportunity but what about your personal brand? First, do you have a personal brand, one that you have intentionally designed?

When people hear your name, what work results do they associate you with? That is your personal brand. Therefore, if you have a specific role, board or project that you are interested in, creating a personal brand that matches that opportunity can be extremely beneficial.

Intentionally Build Your Brand

Once you determine the specific opportunity you are interested in pursuing, you must create a brand that matches those skills and objectives. Lois Frankel, the author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, has this to say:

“Consciously build your brand. We are all brands in the workplace. We have to differentiate our brand from all the others, hone it, market it and get regular feedback about it. Write down what you want people to say about you when you leave a room. Then attach specific behaviors to each of these words so that you act in ways that enable people to see you as you want them to see you. If you want people to say, “She really knows her stuff” then you’d better show up to every meeting armed with data, keep up with trends in your field and share them with colleagues, and speak up in meetings.”

Taking Lois’ advice, write down what people would say about you if you had the role you desire. Now match your experience to that narrative.

What have you accomplished in your past that is a good indicator that you will be successful in this new endeavor?

  • Have you served on a similar board?
  • Have you led a similar project?
  • What were the results?
  • Who did you work with?
  • Who can corroborate your experience?

Important note: Remember that while you may have an experience that matches the new role, you may not have 100% of the necessary criteria. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing your goals.

Others Can Market Your Brand

Your network can play an important role in helping you pursue your intended opportunity. Look for people within your network who are connected to this new project, role or board and make sure they are aware of your interest.

Meet with those in your network who might have the influence to help lift you up as a possible contender. Never assume that people will consider you on their own. You will need to make a concerted marketing effort to put forth your name and having others within your network assist you in the process is a great strategy.

Check out the full interview with Lois Frankel for more information about how to consciously build your brand.


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