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Career Decisions – Ask These Questions


career decisions

Are you facing tough career decisions right now? Stay in the familiar or strike out to the unknown; it can be a challenging quandary. I speak with hundreds of women who want to go for something more but are afraid or unfamiliar with how to start.

Are You Happy?

Has it ever happened to you that when you have something on your mind, all of a sudden everywhere you look you find articles, interviews, conversations that support your thoughts? That has been happening to me this week.

First, I came across a Harvard Business Review article that asked if I were happy in my job?

…much is written about happiness at work — yet judging from Gallup statistics that show 85% of employees aren’t engaged, few know how to attain it. Given that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, it’s important to figure out how to feel better about the time you spend earning a living.

This is a question that I’ve asked myself in a variety of ways over the years and one that I believe truly resonates with women in business. The article goes on to stipulate that if you aren’t happy, you should quit.

Well, there are certainly more steps between the realizations that you aren’t happy and turning in your two-week notice, but the important step is facing the reality that is your current position.

  • Do you feel productive?
  • Are you challenged?
  • Do you feel valued?
  • Does your opinion matter?
  • Are you providing a service that is appreciated?
  • Do you see room for growth and advancement?

Are You Celebrated?

Not long after reading the HBR article, I came across a LinkedIn article entitled “Don’t Stay Where You Are Tolerated.” The idea is that you should work where your presence, your opinions, and your work product are celebrated, not just tolerated.

I once talked with a woman who described a work environment that was going through transition and she felt that the best way to survive was to keep her head down and do her work. She didn’t want to make waves for fear of drawing attention to herself.

Consequently, she dreaded going to work but couldn’t see any way around the situation because she needed the paycheck.

If you are experiencing something similar; not feeling valued, not appreciated, not sought out for your opinion and not recognized for your successes, perhaps it is time to face the career decisions that could lead you to something far more fulfilling.

Which leads me to a chapter I read in a book by noted speaker and author Lyza Terkeurst, in the book Embraced in which she recommends asking five key questions before making a decision.

The Five Key Questions to Ask

The questions Lyza offers work for career decisions or any time you are thinking about taking on something additional in your life. It is important to take a moment, a beat, a breath, and consider the options before making a decision. This works also for those times when people are asking you to add something to your already overloaded task list.

  1. Do I have the resources available to help with this decision and/or request?
  2. Could this new opportunity fit into my schedule?
  3. Does it make financial sense?
  4. Does it fit spiritually with my beliefs and direction?
  5. Does it connect with me emotionally?

It Is Your Choice

When facing career decisions; new positions, leaving your current company, joining a non-profit board, or taking on a new project, it is important to evaluate the decision from a perspective of how it fits with your desired life.

That was a mouthful; bottom line. We only go around once and we should make sure that how we spend our time is in a way that brings forth our inner joy, aligns with our skills and principles and provides a sense of fulfillment.

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