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Category Archives: Advancing Your Career

Advancing your career is a process that requires a vision for what your perfect career would be, a strategy for how to get there, detailed tactics, and the courage to execute the plan! In this category, you’ll find a number of articles that will help you on your journey.


Turning Your Goal Setting Process Upside Down

The importance of the goal-setting process is no mystery. Many would say that it is hard to reach your ultimate career position if you don't have a goal in mind and a strategy in which to reach...

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The Formula for a Winning Value Statement

Sharing your professional goals is often not easy for many of us!  It takes so self-reflection, goal-setting and planning to make it effective.  One way to do this is to plan ahead by creating a...

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Women Working Long Hours – Good or Bad or Required?

It is no surprise that many salaried women working long hours do so with a hope for future promotions or opportunities. However, if you are working overtime with the hope someone will notice and...

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Men – It’s Time to Hear about Career Advancement from a Woman

I recently had the opportunity to address a room filled with male business professionals in the tech industry. Typically, my audience consists of women; women striving to navigate their professional...

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Find Free Resources for Professional Women Here!

Many have asked why I offer so many of my professional women resources for free. "Aren't you in the business of making money?" they ask. "Yes," I agree, "but I'm really more interested in seeing...

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Career Decisions – Ask These Questions

Are you facing tough career decisions right now? Stay in the familiar or strike out to the unknown; it can be a challenging quandary. I speak with hundreds of women who want to go for something...

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Becoming You: One Key Action to Take

Are you on the path of becoming you? Have you read Michelle Obama's book Becoming? Her story transcends political party and is more an open and honest account of her life; from her childhood...

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Examples of Ways of Lifting Women Up in Business

I am a firm believer in the value of lifting women up in business, in your community, and at home. In fact, I just completed an online course on the value of mentors/sponsors for the purpose of...

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Maximize Your Leadership Potential

  In a 2017 Harvard Business Review report, yet another way men and women are evaluated differently is uncovered: After examining their database of 2,800 executive evaluations...

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How to Overcome Fear of Failure and Other Career Blocks

As I travel around the country speaking with professional women, I am met with a universal sense of fear; fear of failure, fear of success, fear of fitting in, and fear of taking the next step....

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