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Category Archives: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two of the primary directives of companies that desire growth. It has been proven that companies with a diverse team far exceed those without both in profits and employee morale. If you’re looking to build a more diverse leadership team, these blog posts will provide you with the examples and resources you need in order to help your company be successful.


Melinda Gates Knows Women Need to Be Part of the Story

  It was just announced that Melinda Gates will "commit $1 billion to causes that seek innovative and diverse approaches to expanding women's power and influence--and she wants businesses to...

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We Need More Women

We need more women;  women leaders, women in tech. More women making decisions that impact our daily lives. We have all read the stats about the discrepancy in gender balance and equal pay....

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Are You a Bystander or Confronter on Gender Equality?

Where do you stand on gender equality? You may believe you are a supporter for change; equal opportunities, equal pay, equal representation in high-level management positions, however, are you...

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The Power of Inclusive Leadership

What is inclusive leadership? Is it something that management can develop? Is it a corporate culture? In recent years the advancement of Millennials into leadership positions has brought about a...

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Female Role Models in Tech Attract More Diverse Talent

Does your company have female role models? One of the challenges to developing businesses with more levels of diverse talent is based on the talent you have today and where they sit in the...

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Women in Tech Through the Eyes of a Native American

When we think of diversity in the workplace, I wonder if we ever consider our Native American women peers in the mix. Kat Li, a native American woman in tech speaks of her challenges in her...

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What’s in a Name? Gender Bias

Gender bias is an unconscious problem facing women in tech today. Experts have been studying the issue and yet movement towards a more diverse, collaborative industry still seems a long way...

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How to Hire More Women and Minorities

You have a job opening and you want to attract a diverse group of applicants. How do you go about preparing to hire women and minorities in an industry that has been dominated by white men? Words...

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Unconscious Bias Education Tour Traveling to 100 Cities

Companies nationwide will soon be able to benefit from Unconscious Bias education thanks to the CEO Action for Diversity tour starting Fall, 2018. The tour is called CEO's Check Your Blind Spot and...

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Be the Voice for Tech Women in Your Company

Does your company have a group for women? It may be something you should consider starting in 2018.  Women in business and especially those in the tech fields benefit from participating in...

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