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Category Archives: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two of the primary directives of companies that desire growth. It has been proven that companies with a diverse team far exceed those without both in profits and employee morale. If you’re looking to build a more diverse leadership team, these blog posts will provide you with the examples and resources you need in order to help your company be successful.


Men in Tech: “We Aren’t Coming to Take Your Job”

Mala Kumar published an article in TechCrunch about the lack of diversity in the tech industry and the challenge women face when being considered for a position. After reading the article, I reached...

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Adding the Diversity Conversation to Your Next Corporate Event

Are you having the diversity conversation in your office? Are there initiatives around gender bias, equal pay, increasing the diversity on your teams and how to be a place people want to work? If...

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Me Too

The "Me Too" movement has been fast and furious as women and men speak up on the subject of sexual harassment in the workplace. In light of recent news, the loudest message is - "it is time to stop."...

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How to Expand the Tech Clique to Welcome Women

It's no surprise that startup companies develop a tech clique among their workers. They created the idea, they worked long hours/days/months to bring the company to its current place. However, when...

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Use Controversy to Create Buzz for Women in Tech

The gender discrimination in the tech world continues. Rather than shake our heads, how can we use controversy to create buzz for women in tech? Let's examine how large companies use controversy to...

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Keeping Tech Diversity in the News

Tech diversity is in the news. A Google employee has recently been terminated for what was considered sexual discrimination. While the employee's perspective on women in tech is disappointing, the...

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Growing Women in Tech Depends on Company Culture

What is your company culture? It is one of inclusion? Customer Service? Growth? Profitability at any costs? Is the company managed from the top down or is there an open door policy that invites ideas...

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Women in Tech Need to Turn the Bro-Culture On Its Ear

The bro-culture in technology seems to be in the news recently. The New York Times recently published articles about women in tech speaking out about the harassment and exclusion they have...

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Diversity Leads to Business Innovation

Attention to the need for diversity in the business world, especially in STEM industries, has proven that diversity leads to business innovation. I am reminded of the algebraic equation: If A = B...

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Diversity Recruitment – Asking Tough Questions

Has your company adopted programs to enhance diversity recruitment? According to a new study released from the PwC called Winning the fight for female talent: How to gain the diversity edge through...

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