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Category Archives: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are two of the primary directives of companies that desire growth. It has been proven that companies with a diverse team far exceed those without both in profits and employee morale. If you’re looking to build a more diverse leadership team, these blog posts will provide you with the examples and resources you need in order to help your company be successful.


Interested in Building a Diverse Team?

Why build a diverse team? For those company leaders interested in enhancing their company's culture to embrace diversity for business benefits, here are some results and resources to help define,...

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If It Works Should We Change It? Breaking the Status Quo

In an article about behind the scenes decisions on hiring women to lead big-budget film projects, the comment is made that men continue to be hired because studios don't want to mess with what is...

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A Male Engineering Student Speaks Out for Women in Tech

Have you seen the letter on Facebook? Jared Mauldin, a senior in mechanical engineering at Eastern Washington University, who also teaches technology to students in 4th to 8th grade, just published...

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Build Diverse Tech Teams Through Divergent Thinking

Proctor and Gamble (P&G), mega employer in Cincinnati Ohio is bringing a new approach to the process of building a diverse team of technology talent. In an article in BizJournal we learn...

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Identifying the Leak in the Pipeline of Women in Technology

We know that women in leadership roles in the tech field are in small numbers but do we know where the leak in the pipeline exists? In an article from Huffington Post, the author examines three...

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The Gender Pay Gap – Women in Tech Close the Margin

We have all heard the news; women earn less than men and in most industries that difference is significant. Equal Pay Day, recognized on April 14 each year represents the number of days into a new...

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How to Successfully Create a Diverse IT Team

The fact that IT is still a man's world is pretty well known; even Google, with the largest female staff, only has 30% women in their work force. So let's turn our attention East to an e-commerce...

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