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Category Archives: Personal Branding

What have you done to develop your personal brand? A personal brand is how people think of you in the workplace. If you don’t take control of your personal branding, others will determine what you’re known for! Therefore, it’s important to strategically plan how you want to be viewed. The articles in this section will help you understand the importance and benefits of personal branding while offering you tips, best practices, and resources to help you create a brand name you love.


The Formula for a Winning Value Statement

Sharing your professional goals is often not easy for many of us!  It takes so self-reflection, goal-setting and planning to make it effective.  One way to do this is to plan ahead by creating a...

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Professional Etiquette Is Still Important

In this tech-driven world, we often find ourselves using shorthand speak in an effort to speed up projects, objectives and business experiences. However, there are some old school traditions that...

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Build a Personal Brand for a Specific Opportunity

You have heard of creating unique resumes that match a specific job opportunity but what about your personal brand? First, do you have a personal brand, one that you have intentionally...

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Professional Brand Strategy Advice

Do you have a professional brand strategy; a plan to be known in your industry for your skills, performance, and expertise? Whether you have consciously developed a brand or not, you have one....

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How Professionally Relevant Are You?

Are you professionally relevant? What does "professional relevance" mean? I found a definition of the importance of staying relevant in an article on Bayt: What does ”staying relevant” mean?...

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How to Manage Career Fears

How do you manage your career fears? Do you fear that you aren't good enough or that you might fail in a particular endeavor? I was at a meeting today in which the speaker talked about the impact...

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Own Your Professional Accomplishments

Do you own your professional accomplishments? The cliche "there is no I in team" may be true but there needs to be an "I" in your personal brand. As collaborative individuals, we tend to downplay...

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What Does it Mean to be a Thought Leader?

When you think of a "thought leader", who comes to mind? It's usually someone who's considered to be a leader in the field, a subject matter expert on a particular skill or topic. Denise Brosseau...

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How to Communicate Your Professional Value More Effectively

How well do others understand the full professional value you bring to the workplace? Does your boss appreciate your value? What about the president of the company or leaders in your industry? For...

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Targeting Your Professional Niche to Enrich Your Brand

[caption id="attachment_3892" align="aligncenter" width="381"] Do you have a professional niche? A niche is a small slice of your industry in which you are considered a subject matter expert. When...

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