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How to Communicate Your Professional Value More Effectively


How well do others understand the full professional value you bring to the workplace? Does your boss appreciate your value? What about the president of the company or leaders in your industry?

For most of us, we struggle with the concept of “tooting our own horn” so that others understand just what we are capable of doing and yet, learning to play the Value Trumpet just might be the most important thing you do this year.

It is essential that you are able to effectively articulate in just a few sentences the professional value you provide today (current impact) based on measurement data points (accomplishments) and where you plan to drive results next (future aspirations). Why? Because people are listening for where they can relate, connect and help you. Accomplishments + Current Impact + Future Aspirations.

Creating Your Professional Value Statement

Use this formula to create a professional value statement:

I help _______ advance ________ for/to _________.

I am looking to get involved in ___________ and need help with ___________.


Fill in the blanks with the information that applies to you. Here’s an example:

I help company X sell their technology based surgery products into new markets to minimize surgery recovery time and increase product sales. I am looking to get involved in a technology medical startup that can leverage my operational skills and need help with meeting someone that funds medical startups in this area.

I talk more about this in my Relevant Conversation video, which is part of Tech Savvy Women TV. Check it out and then visit our YouTube Channel for more videos to help you clarify and communicate your professional value.

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