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Are you connected to like-minded professional women in your industry? Do you ever feel like you are alone; the only woman having to carve your way in your department? You aren’t alone.

Tech Savvy Women (TSW) LinkedIn Group - http://bit.ly/TSWLinkedInGroup

Several years ago, when I was still in a corporate position working for a tech company, I experienced that feeling of isolation. There were few women leaders to look to for guidance as I sought to advance in my career.

It occurred to me that there might be other women in business, like-minded professionals, that also struggled without a network, a circle of influence or a professional sounding board to offer encouragement and guidance.

It was that desire to help other women connect that led to Tech Savvy Women which was first launched as a LinkedIn group.

Over the years, the online group has grown, but we have also branched out to in-person sessions that allow like-minded professionals to connect.

Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know. Sallie Krawcheck

Our online TSW members share a wealth of knowledge and experience, with over 2500 members representing various industries and technical disciplines. Many Tech Savvy Women are product creators, technical team leads, developers, tech marketing experts, experienced senior saleswomen, professional service leads and tech entrepreneurs building businesses. These women are paving the way for young women (girls) in STEM.

I invite you to visit and join the LinkedIn group and join the lively conversations. We share articles of interest, professional challenges, questions that need your experienced answers and even job opportunities.

Benefits of Connecting with Like-Minded Professionals

I know you are busy. The last thing you need is to join one more group; or visit one more online chat group, but the benefits of being part of the right group for you are almost limitless.

  • An online group allows you to pick the day and time you want to jump into the conversation. You don’t have to drive anywhere to be part of the TSW LI group. Just log on to your account and visit when you have a question or an experience you would like to share.
  • The opportunity to connect. If you are a small business owner or work from home, an online group offers the opportunity to have conversations with others. You’ll no longer feel alone. Chances are if you are experiencing a challenge with your business, others have already been there…done that. Ask your question of the almost 3,000 like-minded professionals to see what has worked for others.
  • Women view work challenges differently than men. If you are in an office where women are scarce, you may not feel comfortable asking a man how to deal with a gender-related issue. For example, if you feel under-valued at work, seeking advice and counsel from another woman would be beneficial. But if there aren’t any other women in your department – come to the TSW group and see what advice you find.
  • Share your advice and experience with others. Sharing your best practice stories is invaluable. Visit the group periodically to answer questions or share in the comments section your own experience.
  • Connect offline. As you spend time in the group you will find other like-minded professionals that you are drawn to. Visit their LI profile page. Send them a customized invitation to connect and begin a conversation. You will be amazed how one connection can lead to others and even to exciting opportunities you never even imaged possible.

The TSW LI group fosters relevant conversations, connections, and events. Many of these activities have parlayed into retaining, recruiting and advancing women within tech-based companies.

Tech Savvy Women LLC is proud to be part of the solution that helps organizations, executives, and teams attract and retain women in Tech and related roles. Check out the TSW LinkedIn group today.

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