"An amazing TSW event. So glad I attended!! I look forward to the next one!"
-- Lisa Elder

Tech Savvy Women
Career Strategies for Women in Tech

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Through all my travels, keynotes, and roundtables with experienced professional women, it has become evident that relevant conversations can act as catalysts for women that aspire to increase their influence and impact. Join me for an interactive discussion each week where we will discuss common obstacles, research, and opportunities to advance women in their careers.

Introduction to Advancing Professional Women

Session 1 – Why Professional Women Need a Playbook to Increase Their Impact

Session 2 – The Value to Professional Women when we Stretch in our Careers

Session 3 – How Do You Exercise Your Risk Muscle at Work

Session 4 – Maneuvering Corporate Cultures When You Want a New Job

Session 5 – Impostor Syndrome – Is It Fueling Your Successes or Failures in Your Career


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