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Creating a Career Pace Strategy for Maximum Impact


In a recent article that I wrote for Light Reading called Manage Your Career Pace to Ensure Impact, I speak to some of the lessons I have learned in more than 25 years as a woman in tech.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is the importance of being in charge of your career direction, trajectory and pace. Often women sit back and hope that their dedication, skill and hard work will be brought to the attention of company leaders and will be enough to help advance our career. However, that isn’t the case. We have to create a strategy and then work the process.

If you desire to expand your level of influence, you must make time to work on your career. Some of us do this naturally, but many of us question, “why is this needed if I deliver value in my current role?” Others ask, “how should I go about this, as I am already crunched for time and not even sure what to do?”Like most good plans, taking the time to define your goals with specific details around why and how you will accomplish those goals are critical aspects to your professional growth. I would encourage you to pair up with a friend, or a career coach, to help crystallize your goals. These activities can act as a professional compass to help you articulate where you are now and where you would like to go next. Many women struggle and are not prepared when asked, “What do you want to do next?” and therefore miss an opportunity to articulate their desires quickly.
A few months ago I began hosting a podcast where women can call in and ask questions about how to take their career to the next level, how to define what they hope that career looks like and the steps necessary to be successful. I call them Relevant Conversations. You can call in, or view previous sessions at the Tech Savvy TV channel on YouTube.

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