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Do Biases in STEM College Programs Exist?


Lindsey Cook, Data editor at U.S. News & World Report, shares insight to her recent article titled: More Depressing News for Women in STEM along within an engaging discussion that inspires women in tech and girls in STEM.

Here’s one of the quotes that struck me most:

“Here’s the kicker: Male faculty in STEM departments rated the research less favorably than men in other departments. In other words, male STEM faculty members were significantly less likely to believe the research that shows gender bias in STEM. When STEM faculty was taken out, there wasn’t a difference in the ratings among faculty for men and women.”

I’m not surprised. As I hear a good percentage of men deny the data and biases and almost respond as though I, we, are crazy.
With my twenty years in tech and now working to retaining experienced women in tech while encouraging girls to pursue STEM, I see so many fall out before graduation or if they get into the workforce leave within five years. It’s sobering, but I’m not giving up.

Lindsey Cook is the data editor at U.S. News & World Report. As a journalist, developer, and designer, she loves making products that inform and delight her users. She frequently covers STEM issues on her data blog, Data Mine.