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Dr. Melanie D. Polkosky


Thank you for registering for Tech Savvy Women’s “Hangout on Air” with Dr. Melanie D. Polkosky. Dr. Polkosky and I discussed a variety of topics, as it relates to women in tech and STEM.


Through this discussion, we did focus more on how women can increase their career longevity in STEM based roles, as well as, how women can excel in a mostly male dominated culture.


We have attached this hangout as an MP3 at this link below for you. Please feel free to share it with your peers, teams and networks.

TSW Interviews Dr. Melanie D. Polkosky via Google Hangout (MP3)


Please note, we will also be posting a bonus interview with Dr. Melanie D. Polkosky on TechSavvyWomen.TV (TSW YouTube Channel) early next week.


Be sure to check out Dr. Polkosky new book Uncovering Truffles: The Scarcity and Value of Women in STEM, where she offers twenty practical lessons to uncover the priceless value of women who integrate their masculine and feminine aspects, along with a hopeful vision for the future of inclusive work.


Dr. Melanie D. Polkosky is a corporate coach, consultant and author of Uncovering Truffles .  She holds a Ph.D. in social-cognitive psychology and specializes in social cognition, interpersonal communication, and user experience design.  As an employee of IBM for over 13 years, Dr. Polkosky was certified at the highest level of Thought Leader Consultant and provided user experience advocacy, education and consulting for many Fortune 500 clients, as well as the IBM Software Group, Global Business Services and Research organizations.