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Great Place to Work Offers Opportunities to Give Back


give back, great place to workBusiness leaders striving to create a reputation for being a “great place to work” know the value of offering the opportunity for employees to give back.

Each year, People Magazine compiles a listing of the businesses who make the list for being a Great Place to Work. The methodology for those recognized each year is as follows:

Rankings are based on surveys representing over 4.5 million employees’ experiences of how their workplaces have made a difference in their lives and in their communities. Rankings also reflect Great Place to Work’s assessment of the generosity of each organization’s benefits, philanthropic and community support, with particular focus on activities occurring in the last year.

Benefits of a Give-Back Culture

A 2017 report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute noted that people are happier overall when they give to others and that the more they do or give, the happier they tend to be. It’s simply referred to as “the joy of giving.”

  • If women are deciding on whether on not to join the unique agenda Together We Seek Retreats (Add URL)have to offer with JJ DiGeronimo these statistics could help you position and justify the afternoon away from the office: 71% of surveyed employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering. (Source: America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research).
  • 86% believe that employees expect them to provide opportunities to engage in the community and 87% believe their employees expect them to support causes and issues that matter to those employees. (Source: America’s Charities Snapshot Employer Research)
  • The majority of companies (66%) have an ‘open’ matching gift program, which means that employees can donate to most nonprofit organizations and the company will match that contribution. (Source: America’s Charities Corporate Benchmarking Analysis)

Ways to be a Company that Cares

When we thinking about giving to others, often we assume that means making a financial contribution. However, just writing a check isn’t the only way to be involved in the community. In fact, it is the actual involvement that inspires and motivates your employees.

Inc. magazine offers 10 ways to give back, in their article by John Rampton, which include:

Sponsoring a sports team. Employees can be involved by attending the games, providing snacks, and promoting their team.

Participate in a Holiday Food Drive. Whether you are collecting non-perishable foodstuffs or actually serving food within the community, there is great satisfaction that comes from helping others.

Sharing Your Expertise. You and your employees have certain skills that can benefit others. Mentoring young women in the community are one way to give back. Or it can be more physical in nature such as connecting with a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

What Makes for a Positive Employee Experience

Top factors that make for a positive employee volunteer experience:  (Source: America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Research)

  • 69% project is clearly organized with a defined scope and expected results
  • 67% paid time off
  • 62% ability to volunteer during business hours
  • Nearly 60% of companies offer paid time off (PTO) for employees to volunteer, and an additional 21% plan to offer release time in the next two years.

Whatever way you decide to give back as an organization, know that a corporate culture that embraces the community and supports their employees’ volunteer efforts is an important component to being considered a Great Place to Work.

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