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Highlight Your Role in Each Success


When your project is successful, what was your role? When sales exceed their target, did your role help in the process? During the most recent product launch, what was your role in the endeavor?

Notice I’m not asking about the team. I know it was a team effort. Do you know how I know? Because that is all YOU focus on.

  • “It was a great team effort.”
  • “The team worked really well together.”
  • “We couldn’t have reached our goal without my amazing team.”

Highlighting the team is great for building that team spirit, the morale of your employees and as part of an overall effort for success. However, there comes a time in your career when you need to be able to identify and communicate what YOUR ROLE was in the success.

In a recent podcast from my series Relevant Conversations, I talk about the importance of truly understanding your role in business. When you are networking, seeking out sponsors or mentors or pursuing an advanced position, understanding what your role is in your business success is critical for people to understand.

Highlight Your Role in Each Success

People need to be able to recognize your abilities and strengths so that when a new opportunity becomes available, they can put forward your name as the perfect person for the job. The only way this is possible is if you are communicating your role in each success.

Take a look at your resume. Read through each of the quantitative statements:

  • Increased sales 5% year-on-year
  • Managed team of seven to successfully launch a new software program
  • Exceeded target return on investment by $50,000

For each of those achievements, what was your specific role? To learn more about the “i” in networking and business, check out this podcast.

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