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An Executive Approach – Attracting and Retaining Women in Technology Positions


As a woman in technology, and now as a business owner, I’ve met with hundreds of business leaders across the country to address the very issue of how to attract and retain women in positions of leadership; especially in technology.

attract and retain women in technology

Two years ago, an executive from one of the largest technology companies contacted me to work with his executive team to identify action based strategies to attract women to his team, retain them and advance them within his organization. With great results, I’ve been invited to work with many tech-based organizations and teams. From these engagements, I’ve created an executive guide that is rooted in research with action based strategies to address many of the challenges organizations and departments face when attracting, retaining and advancing experienced women.

I utilize this guide while facilitating Executive Roundtable discussions for business leaders truly interested in attracting and retaining qualified women in technology roles and technology companies.

Common topics include:

  • The most common barriers to retaining female talent
  • Differences between men and women at work
  • Actionable strategies to further engage and retain your female talent
  • Attraction methods to uncover diverse talent for your open positions

I was recently interviewed by Smart Business for an article called How to Draw the Attention of Diverse Professionals to Your Open Positions in which I offer four recommendations.

Here are two of the four:

  • Be more selective on what you put into your requirement section. Assess if the requirement is 100 percent mandatory or is it a nice to have. Can the candidates learn a specific requirement on the job or do they need to enter the position with that level of experience to be effective?
  • Shorten your job description to less than one page. If you want more diverse candidates, shortening the job description definitely will help encourage more qualified candidates to apply.

The good news, it’s often just a few updates in your process, approach, and engagement that often makes a noticeable impact on your attraction and retention efforts.

If you are interested in learning more about this executive approach to attract and retain and advance professional women, you can contact me directly.

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