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How to Turn a Digital Idea Into a Product!


Do you have a digital idea for a product that you’d like to introduce to the world?

Carnellia Ajasin is the CEO of Mind Katalyst, creative technology and design innovation firm. From digital to physical, she specializes in applying human-centered and design thinking principles to help clients define, design, and develop new products that achieve business objectives, relevance, meaning, and competitive advantage.

Mind Katalyst is a creative technology and design innovation firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We help you deliver meaningful and transformative user experiences to your customers. We build meaningful human-centered experiences with software, wearables, AR/VR and emerging technologies for ambitious businesses and organizations.

You don’t have to have a technology background to develop a digital idea. Carnellia and her company help those with digital ideas first validate their idea before taking it further through the process.

Check out Mind Katalyst to learn more about how the process works to take a digital idea and turn it into a workable product.