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Is Cloud Computing Opening the Door for Women in Tech?


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Reporter Sandra Gittlen of CIO IN interviewed me for an article about the opportunity for women into the IT world via cloud computing.

Although technology is still a male-dominated field, women bring so much to the table; creativity, knowledge, problem-solving skills, etc. What do you think? Is cloud computing the answer for women in IT to advance and make headway into the technology industry?

I encourage you to click through and read the whole piece, but here’s a portion of the article:

“Poke your head into most data centers today and you’re bound to notice a distinct gender gap. While women still represent only a fraction of IT workers today, some experts believe that cloud computing will offer the wedge in the door that women need to equalize staffing numbers.

Cloud computing presents an opportunity for women who are not as heavily focused on the architectural design, and how bits and bytes move through the organization, says JJ DiGeronimo, a veteran of IT and director of global cloud solutions at VMware. Well still need women who are technical, but cloud provides the chance to also champion ideas and work cross-functionally to define how IT is delivered to a business. Skills, she believes, are a strong suit of many women.”

Continue reading the full article here: Will Cloud Computing Kick the IT Door in for Women?

Women in Cloud Initiative

While cloud computing is a huge industry (tipping over the 4 trillion mark) women still hold a small portion of the leadership roles. An initiative has been developed called the Women in Cloud which is designed to support and encourage women entrepreneurs seeking opportunities.

Women In Cloud celebrates the female entrepreneurs in the tech world; a source of inspiration and support that connects and empowers women in Washington and beyond, helping them to realize their potential and reach new growth through leading cloud industry, community, and government partners.

It all started with a conversation. When people gather and talk about ideas, good things happen. I have seen it a hundred times. And the more diverse the community, the more unique ideas are brought forth. I can’t express enough the value and importance of sharing your ideas, your challenges and your possible solutions because it might just lead to the next best thing. Here is how Women in Cloud started:

Over breakfast in downtown Redmond Washington, over many cups of coffee, we started the conversation with ‘what if’, ‘why not’ and ‘how can we’ and formulated a plan to focus on assisting women-led businesses to take advantage of cloud solutions and services to drive their success and growth.

Leading Women in Tech in 2019

While women are still in the minority, it doesn’t mean they aren’t making a difference. Technopedia researched the field and found the top 12 women who are making a difference in technology. Whether it is cloud computing, software development or applications, these women have paid their dues, persevered and are leading the way in their industry.

12 Top Women in Tech – click to see the list and read about their contributions.

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