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Executive Strategies for Attraction, Retention & Growth

Executive Keynotes: Attraction, Retention & Growth 

Executive Strategies for Attraction, Retention & Growth - Tech Savvy Women

Many companies are striving for diverse teams and leaders to achieve the noted business benefits. Yet, many of these same companies are struggling to attract and retain experienced and diverse talent. This is particularly true in technology and other related STEM-based organizations, where many experienced and effective women leave mid-career for alternative work. JJ DiGeronimo, president of Tech Savvy Women, facilitates executive roundtables with actionable strategies to recruit, retain, engage and align female talent within their organizations. These executive roundtables and related discussions to drive results are based on hours of research, experience and the momentum of Tech Savvy Women.

Suggested Agendas for Executive Roundtables

  • Common barriers to retaining female talent
  • Differences between men and women at work
  • Creating value and association to the work for women
  • Actionable strategies to further engage and retain your talent
  • Successful methods to uncover more diverse talent

Suggested duration: 2 hours

To learn more, email us directly: Contact@TechSavvyWomen.net


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