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Mastering Vocal Executive Presence


keynote speaker, JJ DiGeronimoAs women in tech, it can be difficult to be taken seriously in a boardroom filled with men. By mastering the art of vocal executive presence we create a connection between our words and our delivery to increase the credibility of our thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Laura Sicola offers a great Ted Talk where she explains the disconnect so many have between what they say and how it is perceived and ultimately how they are viewed in business.


I highly recommend you take 15 minutes to watch her presentation.

About the Speaker

Dr. Laura Sicola is a professional speaker, leadership communication coach and the founder of Vocal Impact Productions in Philadelphia, PA. Sicola talks about the 3 Cs of “Vocal Executive Presence”:

  1. Command the room
  2. Connect with the audience
  3. Close the deal in any context.

Michelle Pascoe has written an article that offers 10 tips on how to present in the boardroom which speaks directly to the importance of vocal executive presence. She says:

Know your topic: And by know, we mean KNOW. Understand the information you are imparting, make sure you have asked questions of your team or review your findings again to ensure you have background information on the statistics.  Have a list of the main points at the presentation, to refer to — making sure you don’t forget something and stopping you from rambling and going off the subject.

Michelle also speaks to the importance of body language and being aware of your body as you present from the front of the room or offer your thoughts and opinions from the table in a boardroom discussion:

Body language: When you enter the room remember to breathe, walk tall, be confident (not cocky).  Take your seat and as the time comes closer for you to present, move forward in your chair and have one leg in front of the other, so you stand straight up and walk to the front of the table with your head held high – not unfolding yourself out of the chair and stumbling to the front as you knock into the backs of chairs and you fumble with papers.

Refining your vocal executive presence is critical for women in leadership:

  • Introducing new concepts or a new direction
  • Facing conflict or opposition to an idea or project
  • Being considered for additional responsibilities or leadership roles

How you sound, how you appear and what you say all combine when others in business assess your credibility. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to project the confidence, knowledge, and perspective that will convince those stuck in their old ways to consider what you offer.

Back to You

Women in tech especially need to perfect their vocal executive presence as they seek to break through a still primarily white male-dominated industry.

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