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New Women in Leadership Roles Book: Her STEM Career


Looking for new women in leadership roles book for inspiration? Look no further than Her STEM Career: Adventures of 51 Remarkable Women.

Examine One Leader’s Journey

Anna Cooks’ career as an electrical engineer spans over 20 years. During this time, she has successfully led and managed multimillion dollar projects in the wireless communication and power generation industries specializing in electrical design, construction, quality, and operations. In addition, Anna is also an instructor at Spelman College.

As a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Anna is a graduate of the AUCC Dual Degree Engineering Program. She earned a Bachelor of Mathematics from Spelman College and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. In 2009, Anna earned a Master of Business Administration from Georgia State University with a specialization in Organizational Management. She is also an alumna of INROADS, Inc. and serves on the Spelman College Dual Degree Engineering Program Advisory Boards.

Women in Leadership Roles Inspire Readers

Being very passionate about mentoring young women as they pursue their educational and professional goals, Anna Cooks is one of the remarkable women in STEM included in the new book, “Her STEM Career: Adventures of 51 Remarkable Women”. While this book was written with girls in middle school in mind, girls of all ages will take delight in reading “Her STEM Career.”

Her Stem Career

The book is jam-packed with 51 interesting, relatable and inspirational career stories as well as a specific chapter on STEM. The STEM chapter provides information about the four subjects while the stories are told from the first-person point of view of a STEM woman; they provide vivid details of their early forays into STEM, their empowering educations at colleges across the US and their current careers.

Women Leaders Featured from a Variety of Industries

“Her STEM Career” covers a broad and unique range of occupations such as a Medical Illustrator, Fashion Engineer, Marine Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Robotics Research Scientist, Manufacturing Engineer, Software Tester, Scientific Journal Editor, Cosmetic Chemist, or Weed Scientist (to name several), as well as the many divergent paths these women have taken in order to complete their journeys. These are real, relatable, revolutionary women who have already and will continue to accomplish and achieve within the STEM industry. The exciting bonus is that they are here to share their fascinating stories to the next generation of amazing young women!

Women Supporting Women in STEM

The STEM women included in this book are part of a global community that actively supports other STEM women while inspiring the next generation of female scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians. In addition to the reader catching an exclusive glimpse into the lives of these extraordinary women, the reader will also have an opportunity to connect with these STEM women via book signing and other events.

“Her STEM Career” makes for a positive educational tool to be used to help encourage, guide and even pave the way for young women to enter into STEM careers. Order your copy on Amazon here.

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