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Women in Tech – Online Resources


Knowing where to turn for information and like-minded people is important in business. There are a variety of resources for women in tech, some better known than others.

35 career-building resources for women in tech is a great article that lists resources and includes a brief description and links to the organizations available to help women and girls interested in tech careers.

I do think it is beneficial to see the trajectory of women in tech aka women in computers.  UC Berkeley School of Information created an infographic titled:  Changing the Curve: Women in Computing.

Organizations and Resources for Women in Tech - Tech Savvy Women

Here are Some of My Favorite Resources for Women in STEM

Funding Resources for Women in Business

And let’s not forget funding! If you are looking for financial backing or grant money, check out these resources that offer a variety of financial options for women in business.

  • SBA loans are technically loans guaranteed by the government. That means lenders face less risk lending to you, and you qualify for better loan options than you would otherwise. SBA loans are great financing options for those who can qualify, you’ll get low-rate and long-term financing.
  • Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant Program. This small business grant program seeks to fund 100% women-owned businesses that are dedicated to social consciousness, sustainability, and innovation, with a minimum grant of $12,500.

  • Union Bank has a diversity lending program that helps women, minorities, and veterans get better access to small business credit.

Supporting, Educating, and Encouraging Women in Tech

Women in Technology has also compiled a list of the top women in tech organizations that support, educate and encourage women in tech. They reference organizations like:

  1.  Anita Borg Institute: Anita Borg Institute seeks to increase the impact of women on all aspects of technology, and increase the positive impact of technology on the world’s women.
  2.  National Center for Women & Information Technology: NCWIT works to correct the imbalance of gender diversity in technology and computing because gender diversity positively correlates with a larger workforce, better innovation, and increased business performance. Increasing the number of women in technology and computing also has the potential to improve the design of products and services to better serve a more diverse population, and increase economic and social well-being by providing more women with stable and lucrative careers.
  3.  Women In Technology International: WITI’s mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership, and economic prosperity.
  4. The WIT Network is a global community of professional women and men who – Encourage all women and girls to study STEM and pursue careers in the technology sector; Enable more women to attain leadership positions and career advancement; Support more female entrepreneurs to start and develop profitable businesses.
  5. Supporting Women in Business Resource Guide – this is an amazing list of resources, data, and organizations! https://teach.com/resources/supporting-women-in-business/
  6. A Guide for Women in STEM: Closing the Gender Gap – https://www.mastersindatascience.org/resources/a-guide-for-women-in-stem-closing-the-gender-gap/


keynote speaker, JJ DiGeronimoLeadership Tools and Resources for Women Managers, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

Maryville University just published this detailed guide for women in leadership positions and those looking to share resources and tools for female managers or executives. In the guide, you’ll find information on the following:

  • Tools and resources for entrepreneurial women
  • Successful women executive leadership traits
  • Executive gender and pay gap statistics
  • List of women leadership programs

Check out the complete guide here: Maryville University Guide for Women in Business

Another notable program for women is Purdue University’s  Information Technology, Resources for Women in Computer Technology with research and data on why women should seek IT careers. Check out more details => Here

Additional Resources

I’ve also collected a variety of podcasts, interviews, and articles to help provide resources for women in tech.


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