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Own Your Professional Accomplishments


Do you own your professional accomplishments?

The cliche “there is no I in team” may be true but there needs to be an “I” in your personal brand. As collaborative individuals, we tend to downplay our personal performance but in this article, I want to focus on the fact that you need to own your professional accomplishments.

Own Your Professional Accomplishments - Tech Savvy Women

Yes – it takes a village and you couldn’t do it without your great team and you surround yourself with fantastically talented people but let’s get real for a moment. Who led the effort? Whose idea is being implemented? Who knew the tactics necessary to make it all happen? Who was the conductor of the greatest symphony? You.

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How to Own Your Professional Accomplishments

There is a time for being humble and sharing the accolades with your team but there is also a time to single out your personal accomplishments.

Experience has taught me that women are not as likely to take the credit they deserve for what they have accomplished or individually contributed to a team or project. In fact, many dismiss their career milestones as “the team”, “the opportunity” and even the company culture, which can all have merit and impact to the outcome but may not get you the recognition needed.

The “I” in your conversations is important, especially when others are looking to understand your direct impact and value. Owning your professional accomplishments and being able to effectively articulate what you can accomplish is very important as you position yourself for the future.

The following is a short video I shared on Tech Savvy Women TV in which I share additional thoughts about understanding the value of effectively communicating your professional accomplishments.


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