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Removing Gender Bias from the Interview Process


How important is removing gender bias from the interview process? Do gender, race and socio-economic background really impact the hiring decisions of the powers that be in the tech industry?

Aline Lerner, the creator of interviewing.io, believes so. In a Washington Post article about her experience and the background that led her to create her business, reporter Karen Turner shares more of Aline’s story.

Removing Gender Bias from the Interview Process - Tech Savvy Women

Practicing Bias-Free Interviews

Interviewing.io is a platform that allows people to practice technical interviews in a bias-free environment with people from major tech companies such as Google and Twitch. A person’s education, employment history, name and other identifying features are stripped out of the process, leaving only the ability to solve technical problems.

The site includes a voice modulator that changes the tone and inflection of the voice; choosing from gender neutral to the opposite gender. It is an interesting tool that helps people practice interviewing while removing the opportunity for gender bias assumptions being made by those conducting the interview.

The process allows people to practice interviewing but can also lead to onsite interviews for real job openings. Businesses looking for smart people that can solve problems and add value to their team are using Interviewing.io as a resource for finding candidates. So although you may be going just to gain interviewing experience without fear of gender bias, you may actually land an in-person interview.

And if you are someone who struggles with the interview process, this tool allows you to “try, try again.” Basically, the data suggests that the more people returned to the site to try again, the more their performance improved. Lerner tested this: she threw out the users who quit after a bad interview and found that the performance gap between men and women closed.

“In our experience, after two or three interviews, people tend to start finding their groove. Like any other learned skill, practice makes you better,” Lerner said.

For more information to help you with interviewing, check out this interview where I offer some of my own tips for preparing for your interviews.

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