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Searching for Career Clarity and Direction


career clarity, self discoveryDo you have career clarity? Not long ago I had the opportunity to hear Arianna Huffington speak at the  Wisdom 2.0 in NYC. She shared her transitional journey from Huffington Post to Thrive Global and how mindfulness and self-awareness drove her decision. She invited those of us in the audience who had a story to share about their own personal self-awareness journey, to reach out to her.

I did and it started an email interaction which led to an invitation to submit an article to Thrive Global for publication.

I’m thrilled to share that the article I wrote about my own experience has been published on Thrive Global. The article, A Woman’s Solo Trip to Sedona, Az.: Searching for Career Clarity and Direction chronicles the beginning of my journey; my awareness that it was time for some self-evaluation and how I came to start that search.

My plan is to share with readers my own personal journey to self-awareness; a bit of a bumpy, yet satisfying journey, in future Thrive Global articles. Once you have determined that self-discovery is necessary and perhaps a re-calibration of your direction is needed, the line is not straight and true from point A to point B. There are detours and roadblocks along the way to career clarity that I believe many will be able to relate to.

I invite you along for the ride.

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