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Seeking Women in Tech for Online Interview


JJ DiGeronimo and Tech Savvy Women TV are seeking women in tech and/or business executives with career advice for their peers or young women in STEM to participate in an online podcast interview.

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Have you lept to a new level at work, aligned to an effective career sponsor, landed the desired project, served on a board, or started a new initiative? Share your career strategies and insight while expanding your network on www.TechSavvyWomen.TV, a YouTube© Channel!

“I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a number of women in tech and women in a variety of business disciplines,” said JJ DiGeronimo. “There is so much to be learned from the stories of others and therefore, I am currently seeking women who have a story to tell that would like to be on our show.”

Tech Savvy Women TV has over one hundred online interviews that offer:

  • Advice for women in business
  • Challenges that have been overcome
  • Encouragement for those interested in making career changes
  • First person accounts of amazing career accomplishments

Women like La’Shon Anthony, who is the owner of visuals4u, a consulting practice for small business owners & nonprofits. She is also the Community Leader of ABI.Chicago, the local chapter of the Anita Borg Institute, and a founding member of the 2020 Women on Boards Chicago Campaign. In addition to networking and panel discussion events, ABI.Chicago’s signature program, the Learn A Language Series, teaches Intro & Intermediate programming in multiple languages to adults. And because it’s their 30th anniversary, they are especially excited about the Grace Hopper Celebration in Orlando in October.

And Theresa Destrebecq, who is a Conflict Resolution Coach specializing in supporting women who are entrenched in negative work relationships and long to gain back their sanity so that they can keep the job they love and continue to make the impact that they long to make. In her interview, she talks about grit.

What is Grit? How would you define it? What does it REALLY mean? Do I need it? Do I want it? What does grit have to do with me anyway? When we embrace the GRIT within us, we can leapfrog both our personal and professional goals. Who doesn’t want that?

Dr. Ershela Sims is the Dean of Engineering and Technology and an Engineering Instructor at the NC School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM). I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Sims who is also the North Carolina STEM State Leader & STEM Award Winner.

As an instructor, she has developed and teaches a variety of engineering courses including, Intro to Mechanical Engineering, Statics, and Biomedical Instrumentation. In addition, she was a lead developer on a curriculum development project for the NC Department of Public Instruction, where she developed a 4-year curriculum in health & life sciences and biomedical engineering.

Are You a Woman in Tech? Let’s Talk

You don’t have to be a national figurehead to be interviewed. At Tech Savvy Women, we learn from women (and men) at all stages of their career. Click on the link and let’s connect. There is no obligation – no cost and should you decide to be interviewed – you’ll talk from the comfort of your own office.

Sharing your experiences is a gift you have to offer and TSW is merely the vehicle to help share your story. Sign up to schedule an interview and start sharing your experience (and building up your professional brand!) today.