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Targeting Your Professional Niche to Enrich Your Brand


Do you have a professional niche? A niche is a small slice of your industry in which you are considered a subject matter expert. When people talk about your niche, they think of you. When someone has a problem that needs to be solved in your niche, you are the go-to person for solutions.

Your professional niche is the place that you can make a large impact based on your skill set and experience. If you had to pick a niche, what would it be?

Identify your niche by asking yourself this:

What big problem am I solving and who am I solving it for?

In my recent Tech Savvy Women TV video, I talk about the value and importance of finding and marketing your personal niche.

In the video, I refer to the book Riches in Niches by Susan Friedman. Towards the end of her book, she talks about the pros and cons (actually she calls them the “pleasures” and “perils”) of being a Niche-preneur.

Let’s focus on the pleasures:

  • Increased business
  • More and better referrals from peers
  • Media will value and pursue your opinions
  • Invitations to industry events
  • People are nicer
  • Public recognition – industry and general

When people think of you, what do they think of? For what are you known? If that isn’t clear right now, discovering and nurturing your niche should be a priority as you seek to advance in your career.

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