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Together We Can Amplify Voices of Women Leaders


How do we amplify voices to help women in business?

It takes a special kind of bravery to speak up, to speak out. We have witnessed that with the #MeToo movement. In the beginning, it was just one voice. But soon there was another… and another. That one voice became many and those many became a movement.

Together We Can Amplify Voices of Women Leaders - Tech Savvy Women

Together we can amplify the voices of women in business, in tech, in leadership, to make a difference in the workforce. Together we can create change.

When you google the phrase “one voice” there are over 967 MILLION responses. From church choirs to military families to business initiatives, millions of people recognize the power that one voice can have.

So let’s bring our one voice together with other women to champion our individual and collective success stories. Recently Abby Wambach gave the commencement address at Barnard. Wambach is a two-time Olympic gold medalist in soccer and Women’s World Cup champion and her speech was impactful. She challenged the graduates to be cheerleaders for each other, to help champion them to success. She said:

“Women must champion each other. This can be difficult for us. Women have been pitted against each other since the beginning of time for that one seat at the table. Scarcity has been planted inside of us and among us. This scarcity is not our fault. But it is our problem. And it is within our power to create abundance for women where scarcity used to live.”

“Create abundance for women.”

amplify voices

What a powerful and hopeful phrase that is. Recently, I hosted the first of hopefully many Together We Seek Retreat weekends for professional women. The intention was to help the women refocus and re-energize so that they could be even more successful going forward. The experience surpassed all of my expectations. When we work together, there is an energy that we bring to the table that is contagious.  We need to use that energy and focus to help increase the awareness of the value women bring to a business. Rather than competing against each other, if we amplify voices together, we can affect change in the level of diversity in the department, in the C-suite and when it comes to equal pay and equal opportunities.

Abby challenges us to raise our voice to create awareness and to champion our peers. Take these words from Abby as marching orders:

“As you go out into the world: Amplify each other’s voices. Demand seats for women, people of color and all marginalized people at every table where decisions are made. Call out each other’s wins, and just like we do on the field claim the success of one woman as a collective success for all women.”

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