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Trust Your Inner Self


Why should you trust your inner self? Will it help you obtain the career of your dreams? When we are truly in touch with our inner voice, we find what makes us unique and eventually we are able to align our work and our life with our truest self.

Does that sound a little bit, well, less than something you’d learn from Harvard Business Review? Perhaps, but there is proven value to understand your unique qualities so that you can align yourself with what you are best at and what brings the most joy.

If someone were to ask you about the inner self of your children, you wouldn’t hesitate; you know their strengths and what makes them special. You can talk for hours, offering examples of what makes them unique, both in actual skills and also preferences and inclinations.

However, if someone were to ask the same of you, how many of you can, just as quickly, list your own unique qualities?

Trust Your Inner Self - Tech Savvy Women

I’m reminded of the Julia Roberts movie, Runaway Bride. In the story, the character she played molded her likes and dislikes to the person she was with, never truly examining her own interests. But in an effort to not rock the boat and to be the most accommodating, she acquiesced to the desires of her partner. It wasn’t until she spends some time in self-examination that she truly began to realize her own likes, her own desires, and her own goals.

Understanding Self Care

In his article, The 5 Keys to Trusting Your Heart and Acting From a Place of Inner Wisdom, John Prendergast offers a great lesson in the value of trusting your inner self and the different forms that it can take. One of his key points is the value of trusting your heart emotionally.

Self-indulgence is different from self-care. Self-indulgence feeds the sense of being a separate self. When we become self-indulgent, our life is all about the little me. We don’t really care about others or for the whole of life. Self-care means that we listen to our core needs, set reasonable boundaries with others, and live in balance. It also means that we question all of our limiting beliefs that create suffering for ourselves and others. And it means that we live in growing integrity with a deeper truth that we are not separate from anyone. Genuine self-care frees us to be more selfless.

This is so beautifully said. We need to “live in growing integrity with a deeper truth.” The first step to doing that is to truly listen to your inner self and discover your own uniqueness. Following that, you must begin the process of aligning your life to those truths.

Trust Your Intuition

Laura McDonald offers more great advice in her article 7 Tricks To Uncover & Trust Your Intuition. She starts by suggesting that we identify our core beliefs.

Identifying what we “think” about ourselves, feeling and moving through the negativity, the pain, and accepting everything that has happened to us along the way, allows us the opportunity to move forward and start trusting our intuition.

When it comes to others, we trust our intuition without question, however, when it comes to our own desires, we often can second guess or dismiss what we feel we might need. Why is that? At what point in our lives did we decide that our needs were less important than everyone else’s around us?

When we resist our own inclinations, we find ourselves in situations, work and personal, that can often be contrary to our best self. It is only when we are aligned with what allows us to have true impact and influence that we can be successful; both outwardly and inwardly.

Find Time to Meditate

A great way to become connected with your inner self so that you can more fully trust yourself is to spend regular time in quiet meditation. By that I mean, carve out time to be quiet, to breathe deeply and allow yourself a moment to listen to your inner self. Mediation can take a variety of forms. In Laura’s article she offers some insight into meditation:

What I love about meditating is the space we find in between, where one thought has ended and another one hasn’t quite yet begun. We can rest, reflect and rejuvenate in that natural, quiet space. This is where understanding, clarity and compassion are born and nurtured. It’s a safe space to get to know yourself — to sit in the stillness, to tune into what is within. Regular meditation, wherever you do it, keeps our intuition fresh and present.

Need help with the meditation process? There are hundreds of meditation videos on YouTube that can help get you started. This video from Great Meditation is a short meditation (ten minutes) that guides you through the process.

Start Investing in Yourself

In an effort to help women truly connect with their inner self, I’ve created Together We Seek Retreats. These retreats are gatherings for professional women to help them…

  • Unwind from the demands of life
  • Meet great women aspiring for more purpose and meaning
  • Unleash bounded energy from within
  • Relax in nature with options to engage in group activities
  • Enjoy the natural gifts of other women attending
  • Become nourished from the inside out

Perhaps a retreat is just what you need to kick start your self-care and self-examination? Check out the agenda and RSVP here.

Together We Seek Retreats 1 - http://bit.ly/TSWRetreat

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