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How to Update Your Goals and Personal Inventory for the New Year


The New Year is a classic time for evaluating past performances and accomplishments and taking a personal inventory for the coming year.

In my first book, A Working Woman’s GPS, I created a Personal Inventory Guide to help, not only assess your skills, influence, and impact but also to evaluate the projects and people you are involved with daily.

Inside the Personal Inventory Guide, I recommend breaking down your circumstances into five categories. The first of which is People and Energy. Be sure to access my one-sheet guide to Inventories from The Working Woman’s GPS.

How to Update Your Goals and Personal Inventory for the New Year - Tech Savvy Women

Chelsea Collier, Founder, Digi.City, offers some additional questions to answer as you take a personal inventory this year in her article This Sheet of Paper Could Change Your Entire Year. She starts the process by having you answer this question: What is your guiding principle? 

That is a wonderful and yet difficult question to answer. Often times, we’re guided by the basic needs of home and family. If we’re lucky, we earn our living doing something that is satisfying. But if that isn’t the case for you, you need to take a personal inventory. This will help you determine just what is it that you are good at and what is important to you. Starting by determining your guiding principle is an excellent place to start.

It’s all about determining your impact and influence. 

I followed up the discussion of creating your working GPS with my latest book – taking what we discover about our goals from the first book and putting it into action in Accelerate Your Impact. Together, these two books help guide your journey from discovery to implementation to success!