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If you desire to take your career to the next level, it might be time to examine two key areas:

  1. Where are you are focusing your energy now, and
  2. Where do you hope to make an impact next?

For anyone that has seen one of my presentations or read one of my books, these questions may look familiar which are highlighted too by Claudio Fernández-Aráoz in his Harvard Business Review article, The Key to Career Growth. I picked out a few of my favorite questions:

One of my favorite question: Am I in Touch with my Inner Compass?

I use this term often, and it is a key question for me and so many women that I meet along my travels.  Many seem to be in the middle of their career, having achieved success, and yet feeling a self of disconnect or lack of fulfillment. Some thought the title or salary or recognition would be their fulfillment, but many find that they still are striving for another level of joy and satisfaction.

Years ago, I drew these circles. I call it my Influence and Impact center. Aligning to your inner compass can be magical and there are everyday clues around us!

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of projects do I enjoy?
  • When do people seek out my opinion and advice?
  • Do I ask for the opportunity that can increase my impact?

A Question I Should Ask More Often: Do I Show It?

This question seems to relate more to how people perceive you? Do you know what your brand is?  If you were to ask others what they know you for – what would they say? Would they offer a generic answer like “she’s hard-working.” Or would they say “Sally is great when it comes to organizing a task, finding the right people to delegate each initiative to and then following up for on-time delivery.”  Does your desired brand often align with how others see you and your level of impact?

Take these three steps:

  1. Determine where you want to have more impact
  2. Outline a few things you can do to increase your impact
  3. Start working on it and be sure to share your impact

A Thought Provoking Question: Who Might Inspire Me?

Who do I know and who do I want to know? Do you have gaps or aspirations of a future connection?  Is building a network of people who will lift you up, encourage you and connect you to those who can help you achieve your goals a critical piece to your equation. If so, be sure to start with you first.  Be sure you embody the type of influence and impact you desire as frequencies attract similar frequencies.

Keep me posted on your impact and milestones!!

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