"An amazing TSW event. So glad I attended!! I look forward to the next one!"
-- Lisa Elder

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How are you giving back?

Many of the professional women I meet during my travels express a desire to give back, however, their demanding schedules, unexpected meetings, and events often leave little time for additional activities.

So when planning for our upcoming Together We Seek retreat, it seemed like a natural way to incorporate giving back together. Therefore, we are creating an easy way for women to come together to network and give back as part of the retreat which will create, even more, meaning and impact for all.

Giving Back Creates Happiness

A 2017 report from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute noted that people are happier overall when they give to others and that the more they do or give, the happier they tend to be. It’s simply referred to as “the joy of giving.”



Did you know that 71% of surveyed employees say it is imperative or very important to work where culture is supportive of giving and volunteering? (Source: America’s Charities Snapshot Employee Donor Research).

“Creating a space to bring high impact women together to do good for others while empowering our personal and professional mission is a worthy way to spend our time!” said  Teresa B. retreat attendee.

The October 2019 Together We Seek retreat will be held in Vermillion, OH. These gatherings bring together women to explore, discuss and embark on new levels of awareness and experiences. With a goal of feeling more refreshed, energized and inspired.

Moving forward our Tech Savvy Women will continue to seek nonprofits opportunities in various cities that want to engage professional women for future  Together We Seek retreats.  Contact us at contact@techsavvywomen.net. For more information about the Together We Seek retreats or Tech Savvy Women, visit www.techsavvywomen.net.

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